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Special Edition 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yin-Restorative and Bhakti Yoga Emphasis - Big Island, Hawaii

  • Kirpal Meditation Center (map)

During this Special Edition 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training you will learn to teach both traditional Hatha Yoga (including precision alignment and vinyasa flow), as well as Yin-Restorative & Bhakti Yoga. You will be receive the 200 Hr. Yoga Alliance certification upon completion. The time we spend together will be healing and nurturing for the body, mind and heart. We will prioritize the cultivation of a calmer state of being through daily regenerative practices and activities.

  • Program Dates: Oct. 13-30, 2017
  • Prerequisite: 6-12 months of regular yoga practice. If you already hold a 200 hr yoga alliance certification, 100 hrs from this program can be used towards your advanced 300 hr certification with Yandara.
  • Preparatory Study: Purchase and read "The Relaxation Response" by Herbert Benson, "The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health" by Linda Sparrows and Patricia Walden. All participants are required to attend at least 5 Yin or Restorative classes/videos before coming to the training. 
  • Contact hours: 180 hours
  • Non-contact hours: 20 hours (to be fulfilled by home study)
  • Program Cost: $2,970 USD. All of our trainings include food and accommodation. 


During the Hatha Yoga sections of this course, you will learn to teach:

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga Poses - alignment and assists
  • Traditional Sun and Moon Salutation
  • The Art of Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
  • Sequencing - how to build a yoga class
  • Breath Exercises (Pranayama)
  • Yoga Philosophy and Meditation 


Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are gentle, regenerative practices where all the poses are done on the floor, supported by props, to encourage deep relaxation, a natural opening of the joints and optimal energy flow through the body.

This slow, healing practice is a journey into the heart and soul of your being. It naturally cultivates inner listening, heightened awareness, compassion and acceptance for who you are and where you are in each moment of life.

Our focus is on both Yin and Restorative yoga. You will learn how to effectively teach these two distinct styles.  This training also includes how to teach yang-yin and yang-restorative classes.

Join us as we let go, relax and breathe our way to optimal health and wellness. The Yin-Restorative Yoga Training is ideal for those want to advance their yoga teaching career and certification and also for those who simply want to deepen their own personal practice.

During the Yin-Restorative Yoga sections of this course, you will learn: 

Yin Yoga Principles, Practice and Postures
Restorative Yoga Principles, Practice, and Postures
Sequencing Yin and Restorative Classes
Sequencing Yang-Yin and Yang-Restorative Classes
Exploring Props, Variations, and Hands-On-Enhancements
Gentle Wall Yoga
The Science of Stress and the Relaxation Response
Yin Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
Subtle Body Anatomy - deepening the connection to our vital energy (Prana), body centers (chakras) and energy channels (nadis/meridians)
Chinese Meridian Theory and Sequencing for Organ Health
Mindfulness Meditation
Intuitive Practice and Teaching
The Yin Yoga Teacher as a Spiritual Guide
The Cosmic DJ - the art of using music in your Yin and Restorative classes
Yin and Restorative Desserts - incorporating ancient yogic teachings (inspired by tantra, bhakti and universal wisdom), poetry, subtle energy assists, music and sound healing, aroma therapy, Yoga Nidra, mantras, mudras, and more into your classes


Born from a deep desire to feel and express ones relationship to the divine, Bhakti Yoga offers a way to connect the spiritual heart with everyday life experience.

Become part of the global Bhakti Yoga community. Together we will explore different devotional practices. You will learn to share traditional as well as contemporary mantras and kirtan. If you enjoy playing any kirtan instrument, such as harmonium, shruti box, tamboura, or guitar, bring it.

Heal and unravel your heart's radiant nature. Bhakti is a world of overflowing love, Yoga's sweetest path to enlightenment. Through Ishvarapranidhana - love and reverence for the essence of life - we look forward to support you in your individual expression of Bhakti Yoga.

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