I will never forget my Reiki attunement with Allison.
It was an amazing and beautiful experience. I felt like a glowing goddess with energetic channels that had been cleared or opened for the first time.
— Stephany Medina, New Orleans, Louisiana, Reiki Training Graduate


You, like everyone else, are a healer. Reiki is a relaxation technique, easily learned by anyone, that promotes stress-reduction, a calmer mind, physical health and happiness. 

During a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hands directly on or above the client's body with the intent for Reiki energy (prana or chi) to flow through the hands and to the client. As the energy flows, the client becomes fully relaxed while the body's regenerative and healing processes are enhanced and assisted by the energy.

Each Reiki session is unique to the individual and assists the client's body-mind-spirit exactly as is needed for that day, or that cycle of their life. Reiki compliments and is a warming addition to yoga, yoga teaching, meditation, reflexology and massage. 



Nov. 4-5, 2017: Reiki III/Master Teacher (Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico)
Nov. 26, 2017: Reiki Level I (Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico)
Dec. 3, 2017: Reiki Level II (Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico)
Feb. 25, 2018:  Reiki Level I (Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico)
March 4, 2018: Reiki Level II (Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico)

Bali, indonesia

Aug. 13, 2017: Reiki Level I (Shambala Oceanside Retreat, Bondalem, Bali)
Aug. 20, 2017: Reiki Level II (Shambala Oceanside Retreat, Bondalem, Bali)
Sept. 3, 2017: Reiki Level I (Pondak Pitaya Resort, Balian Beach, Bali)
Sept. 10, 2017: Reiki Level II (Pondak Pitaya Resort, Balian Beach, Bali)

Big Island, Hawaii

Oct. 1, 2017: Reiki Level I (Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center)
Oct. 8, 2017: Reiki Level II (Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center)


Personal COmbined Reiki III/Master and Yoga Retreats available AT OUR Baja, MEXICO Location

Take a vacation to the pristine ocean desert of Baja, Mexico and stay with us at Yandara Yoga Institute on a personal retreat. On your own time! We will do our best to make the dates of your retreat as you desire. During the retreat, you will receive your Reiki III/Master Training and Certification with the option to attend daily yoga classes, evening meditations, kirtans, restorative yoga classes and other mindful gatherings. Venture into the local tourist towns of Pescadero and Todos Santos for markets, music, fine dining, art, shopping and more. Or just stay on Yandara property with us, relaxing and rejuvenating at our private beach-front location. Your retreat, your way! Stay in a private cabin tent (with bed, linens, dresser drawers and lamp) and enjoy delicious, healthy vegetarian meals. Contact us here for more information.


Reiki Level I/II Training
In Reiki Level I, you will be attuned to the Reiki healing energy, learn how to give a full and effective Reiki session to others and yourself and receive Reiki Level I Certification. No prerequisites are required for Reiki Level I. All levels are welcome. In Reiki Level II, you will receive the second level Reiki attunement, learn the Reiki symbols, Distance Reiki and receive Reiki Level II Certification. Reiki Level I is a prerequisite to Reiki Level II.

Reiki Level I Training: $150 usd
Reiki Level II Training: $200 usd
Combined Reiki Level I/II: $300 usd

Reiki Level III/Master Training
In Reiki Level III, you will receive the third level Reiki attunement and symbols, learn Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery), Reiki Crystals and the Crystal Healing Grid, Reiki Sound and Color Therapy, Introduction to Chakra Balancing and receive Reiki Level III Certification. Reiki Level II is a prerequisite for Reiki Level III. In the Reiki Master Teacher Class, you will receive the Master Teacher Reiki attunement and symbols, learn how to give Advanced Reiki Healing Attunements to enhance your Reiki sessions, learn how to pass Reiki Level I, II, III and Master Level Attunements to students who wish to give Reiki, learn how to organize a Reiki Level I, II, III and Master Class and receive Reiki Master Teacher Certification. Reiki Level III is a prerequisite to the Reiki Master Class.

Reiki Level III Training: $250 usd
Reiki Master Training: $300 usd
Combined Reiki III/Master Training: $500 usd

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