Trying to articulate my experience with Allison is like trying to describe love; at the end of the day, my time with her changed my life and lives on with each moment I breathe.
— Sandy Pearson, Calgary, Canada - recent 500 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Graduate and Reiki Master Teacher Graduate

Allison Eaton offers Reiki Certification Training and Yoga Teacher Training Certification world-wide. Her mission is to support people, through Reiki, yoga and music, who are looking for something more, for something deeper, a connection to their inner-most truth and power and to connect them to a community of amazing people who are aspiring to do the same. Allison fully trains 100+ students each year to become inspired yoga and Reiki teachers. With over a decade of teaching experience and over 3,000 teachers trained to date, she is excited about the ripple effects that her work has on the better good of humanity. Allison is known to draw the authentic essence out of her students, empowering them to practice and teach from their hearts. Singing and playing music is a passion of Allison's and is incorporated into her trainings. Her intention is to channel healing vibrations while singing to her listeners. Allison has dedicated herself and her life to serving others through Reiki, yoga and music. Join one of her life-enhancing programs today!

A Day in the Life of a Yogini.


Reiki is Love. Reiki is also an energy balancing technique that promotes relaxation and restoration of health and well-being. Reiki is a non-invasive, holistic treatment that brings positive shifts to our lives. Although it can be spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion and does not require belief in anything for it to work. All that is required for Reiki to work is a sincere desire to have more peace in your life.


Yoga is Union. Yoga is also a systemized practice of posture, breath work and meditation, that promotes harmony of body-mind and spirit. This ancient, sacred study has over 2 billion practitioners worldwide today. In yoga, we stretch our bodies, our minds and our heart's capacity for love and compassion. Join our yoga community to meet inspired people just like you who want to make a difference!


Music harmonizes our vibrations and enhances our sensitivity and receptivity to the world. Bhakti Yoga is a path of yoga that means devotion. On this path, we sing, chant and meditate on the sacred energies of the universe that are also found within us. In this practice, we merge with the understanding that we are all one.  And it is super fun doing so! Allison shares devotional singing and various forms of meditation in all of her yoga teacher trainings.