Words are not enough to describe the gem that Allison is. She speaks and breathes love— it emanates from her being like the fragrant bloom of a lavender stem, and falls like dew onto those around her. Every moment spent with Alli is an opportunity to learn the ways of the divine feminine. She exemplifies grace and simplicity and exudes ancient, sacred wisdom. A Yin and Restorative goddess, she emphasizes self-care and a return to the heart, and is at the passionate core of every Kirtan gathering I had the privilege of attending while in Mexico. She envelops a whole room with her powerful, devoted voice— and is, truly, one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Allison, you are very dear to my heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Antonia Uribe, Miami, Florida, USA - recent 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
Trying to articulate my experience with Allison is like trying to describe love; at the end of the day, my time with her changed my life and lives on with each moment I breathe. As with everything Allison teaches, it is done with love and grace and with a strong base in the understanding of what she is teaching. She passes along to her students her knowledge and experiences as well as the “illuminating torch of Reiki”. Allison, you light up the darkest nights – freely giving your love. The world is a better place because of you.
— Sandy Pearson, Calgary, Canada - recent 500 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Graduate and Reiki Master Teacher Graduate
My Reiki attunement with Allison was life changing.
I felt like a glowing goddess with energetic channels that had been cleared or opened for the first time. I have experienced what it means to feel the energy within my surroundings and from other beings. I love that I am able to be a channel for energy to flow through me so that I may help heal others through Reiki.
— Stephany Medina, New Orleans, Louisiana
“To know Allison is to love Allison, and to receive Reiki through her healing hands is truly a blessing. As someone who has coped with anxiety for many years, I have been eager to find a natural method to restore my energy and calm my nerves. After one session with Allison, I finally felt the relief I have been searching for. Throughout the hour-long experience, I felt Allison’s and Mother Earth’s energies radiating through my body as kaleidoscopic visions rushed through my mind. Allison truly has an unparalleled ability to make you feel safe, embraced, supported and radiant, yourself. The love in the room was tangible, and so incredibly vibrant that I could see the air sparkling around us. I left the session feeling balanced, rejuvenated, supported, uplifted and loved. To Allison, the beautiful goddess with healing hands, thank you for sharing your gift and for being an incredible role model.”
— Camden Weber, Milford, CT - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Training graduate
It has been a real pleasure to learn and unfold my inner teacher with such a generous and kind soul. Allison has a very extended and open minded knowledge of the yoga philosophy, and she always shared this knowledge in a very lovely, humble and selfless way. Her dedication and love of yoga and of every single student she crosses path with is a real inspiration for a new teacher like me. To me, yoga is about love, wholeness, oneness, opening and presence and I think that Allison is an embodiment of it all. Whether it is for a yang, yin or restorative class, a yoga philosophy workshop, a Reiki training or Kirtan singing, Allison is pouring her whole heart into it, and that is why she is so inspirational and makes me want to come back to her for more. I am beyond grateful to have met her and have learned from her calm yet luminous spirit.
— Andreane Leblanc, Montreal, Canada - recent 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Level II graduate.
What can I say, WOW! Allison absolutely exemplified the combination of Yogini, Leader, Professional, Spiritual Guide and Consummate Teacher. Her poise, presence, and undeniably uplifted energy were such a significant catalyst for my personal growth as both a teacher and as a human being. I cannot say enough regarding the clarity of integrity, the generosity of spirit and the unconditional love that filled our classroom each and every day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Namaste.
— Tom Morisette, owner of Present Moment Conscious Living Retreat, recently honored as one of the “Top 10 Yoga Retreats Worldwide"
Allison is pure radiance, love and grace. I learned so much from her during my teacher training. She taught me what yoga really is, with all the different styles from Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative to meditation, healing and holding space for others. Her teaching was a perfect balance - engaging and experiential. Allison is a gifted Reiki practitioner and a healer. I had a private Reiki session with Allison and it was a very special treatment. I experienced a total energy shift and learned a lot about myself. I was provided with a chakra analysis and healing tools to restore the balance which I continue to use today. I am now a confident yoga teacher. Allison’s teaching and guidance cultivated a great deal of this confidence as well as a wealth of knowledge that I can now use while teaching my own students. If you have the pleasure of meeting and working with Allison you are very fortunate! She is now a long life friend and role model.
— Julia McNally, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, recent 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training graduate